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Path of Exile Novice valuable equipment

The road to exile will be expensive to explode on the first day of land reclamation. First, there is no need to explain the white robe! The drop rate is very high, and the level 1 can be released. The first day is 100+ stable, and at least 50 in three days, very expensive. Buy

PoE What kind of currency is useful?

If the currency is only enough to brush the map, it must be based on the store recipe or transaction. When the land is opened, all the goods are smashed. The most important and most useful is the lowest level of identification. The identification scroll is the basis of all currency, and any item sold

The Forgotten Masters of Valklas, Master System Raiders

Seven men and women, each one of whom is a master of their field, stood through their curse and through their weapons, resisting the tyranny of Dominus. Seven forgotten masters were sentenced to death and were banished in this corrupted land. The seven masters lived, studied, and thrived on the grounds of Valsela. Seven masters,