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Path of Exile Novice valuable equipment

The road to exile will be expensive to explode on the first day of land reclamation. First, there is no need to explain the white robe! The drop rate is very high, and the level 1 can be released. The first day is 100+ stable, and at least 50 in three days, very expensive. Buy PoE Currency

The second face, the full name

The third totem clothing, the full name of the ancestral spirit of the silk robes

Fourth range clothing Deadly body color coat

The fifth small blood armor

The sixth big blood armor Gam’s glory and glory.

The remaining high value items,

1: Little electric armor Lei language, wilderness lock

2: Blood Oath, Goblin’s Robe

3: Guardian robe, lacquered coat

4: The Shield of Glory of the Lion Eye, the Tower of Perseverance

5: Heart of sacrifice, giant magic shield

6: Wings of the Flames, Thick Shields

7: Tuk Maha Fortress, Ebony Shield

8: Asylum, rippled light shield

9: Tarantula, raw Pitta shield

10: Rain of the ritual, helmet of the nightmare

11: The pagan veil, the face of the gods

12: The head of Stakong, the pocket of satin

13: The Cap of the Earth, the Cap of the Sinner

14: Call of the Abyss, Az Maijian Helmet

15: Rat Nest, Bear Head Leather Helmet

16:Gam’s steady boots, giant armor

17: Jedi Magician, Warlock Boots

18: Longyan footprint, sand shadow boots

19: Abyss’s Hoof, Sheepskin Booties

20: Thunder and Assassin Gauntlets

21: Doriani’s fist, Val’s hand guard version 3.0 is strengthened, but the price is unknown. So add it.

22: Force of the Nether, Mantra Gloves

23: The wind of sublimation, the ancient hand guard

24: Shadow of sand and dust, belt hand guard

25: Marley’s blood-dyed gloves, buckskin gloves

26: cold eyes, sheepskin gloves

27: Hunter’s handguards, wool gloves

28: Ming En’s heart, amethyst ring

29: The gambling god Fendo, the golden ring

30: Grass people, potential ring

31: Blood control, coral amulet

32: Jinghua worm, potential ring

33: Prison Seal, Wrought Iron Ring

34: God-given, diamond ring

35: Yinglingbao ring, wrought iron ring

36: Call of the Will, Double Jade Ring (Ice Power)

37: Equilibrium, Black Amulet

38: The heart of the slaughter, the black amulet

39: Kiga Saru, Topaz Ring

40: Meji Nord’s strength source, heavy leather belt

For the time being, there are too many types of weapons on the road to exile. For the time being, only these things are listed. These are basically the novice equipment in the exile road game that is worth at least 10 Chaos Orbs.

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