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PoE What kind of currency is useful?

If the currency is only enough to brush the map, it must be based on the store recipe or transaction. When the land is opened, all the goods are smashed. The most important and most useful is the lowest level of identification. The identification scroll is the basis of all currency, and any item sold to the NPC can at least get the reel fragments. By the end of the brush map will shield the low-level currency, a reel will affect the line of sight.

Not all recipes are useful, and there are only a few important recipes that are commonly used. Most of the goods can be bought in the store with low-order currency, which is equivalent to the official exchange rate. The useful formula is to get the currency at a better exchange rate. The identification reel is the most expensive currency, and the POE does not have the automatic picking function. It is too painful to use, so the formula should be used to improve the picking efficiency. The whetstone and enamel stone can be sold to the store for a four-time change, which is the main source of the later identification scroll. The stone can be changed four times, but it is not worthwhile for its high value. The returning city reel can be purchased with the identification reel three to one with the store, or occasionally, or with the player 100 to 1c. Although the portal skill can replace the returning scroll, but there is a singing time and may be interrupted, it is impossible to open the door like a reel, but also occupy a slot in the equipment, which has advantages and disadvantages. Buy Chaos Orbs

The role of the augmentation stone is to add a suffix to the blue-encrusted item. The usage rate is low, unless a large amount of processing equipment, especially jewellery, is required, otherwise it will not be embarrassing after a while. In addition, the 6-level armor master can update the daily task with 64 increasing stones for 20 transforming stones, which is a good deal of discount exchange rate. All masters to level 6 will sell a currency at a discounted rate once a day, and do not need to complete daily tasks to buy, can take the task and then give up directly, many new people do not know this. Buy Exalted Orbs

Generally, the reel, the augment stone, the whetstone and the armor piece should be shielded at the later stage. The drop rate of other currencies is much lower and not enough, and it is generally necessary.

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