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POE currency system explanation

POE’s currency system I like very much, boldly abandoning the traditional gold coins, and designing a variety of consumption-type currencies, which undoubtedly greatly reduced the rate of currency depreciation. In general, this idea is refined from Diablo 2 (in fact, the whole POE is so…), POE currency is generally all kinds of orb, can be used to convert or upgrade equipment, consume a lot And everyone needs it. First you have to remember some of the most common currencies:

Gemcutter’s Prism, referred to as GCP, has the effect of increasing the quality of the gem.
Chaos Orb, referred to as chaos. The name of this game with chaos is very powerful. This kind of currency can refresh the magical attributes of gold.
Blessed Orb, bless for short, is a little lower than chaos and can refresh the intrinsic properties of the item (such as the weapon’s attack power, armor armor, etc.).

Orb of Fusing, commonly referred to as fusing or direct fus, two to three for a chaos, can randomly refresh the connection of the jack on the equipment.
Orb of Alchemy, referred to as alc or alch, is basically equivalent to the above fusing, which can be upgraded to a gold dress.

These are basically equivalent to the 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 20 yuan banknotes in daily life (the actual exchange rate is not the case, I will make an analogy), the transactions in the game mainly rely on them. Of course, even GCP is not the most precious currency, and the following are all unique and valuable.

Exalted Orb, referred to as exalt, is roughly equivalent to six GCPs, which are used to add a magical attribute to the gold.
Divine Orb, referred to as divine, top 3 GCP, can refresh the random value of the magic attribute of the item.
Regal Orb, referred to as regal, is worth two GCPs and can be upgraded to gold.
Mirror of Kalandra, the giant’s incomparable gadgets, the logo used to do POE, I have never seen it in the game. The effect is to copy a non-dark gold item and visually measure at least thirty or forty GCPs.

Then there are some currencies that are also valuable but are not commonly used when trading.

Orb of Scouring, referred to as scour, is equivalent to alc and fusing. This thing is very common, don’t underestimate, you can remove all the magic attributes on the item.

Orb of Regret, referred to as regret, is equivalent to chaos and can be used to wash a passive skill point.

After talking about the big banknotes, let’s talk about the small money, the flies are also meat!

Cartographer’s Chisel, a rare gadget in the early days, is used to improve the quality of the map.

Jeweller’s Orb, for the small amount of money that is very difficult, the landlord averages four or five a day, and can use four such orbs for a fusing at the merchant. The purpose is to refresh the number of jacks on the item.

Chromatic Orb, like a one-dollar coin, is a rare but indispensable thing that refreshes the color of the jack on the item.

Orb of Alteration, you can get a few in a day, you can use two of these orbs for a Jeweller’s Orb at the merchant. The effect is to refresh the magical properties of the blue outfit.

Orb of Chance, equivalent to Jeweller’s Orb, can upgrade white clothing to random rarity items. Of course, the probability of upgrading to gold is very low, and it is hard to count on upgrading to dark gold.

At this point, the value of the game is relatively high, and the other Orb of Augmentation, Orb of Transmutation is enough for yourself, even if the amount is very large, it does not make sense. It’s too much to go to the merchants to redeem some of the more advanced currencies.

It should be noted that the orb of the above value cannot be exchanged with the merchant. The exchange rate given by the landlord is only the general price on the market at present, and may fluctuate at any time, but the approximate value order is not very likely to change.

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