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POE rare weapon manufacturing process at a glance How to add equipment affixes

Hello everyone, good equipment in POE can be made. It takes a lot of steps to make a rare weapon. Let’s introduce the POE rare weapon manufacturing process at a glance and how to add equipment affixes.

Novices should be clear about this game. The most valuable equipment is not a legend. Rare equipment Rare equipment One equipment can buy more than 400 Exalted Orbs

I heard the 400E newbie, this will ask how to do it.

Ok, let me explain Buy Exalted Orbs

Master compulsory courses, build this aspect can also play according to other people’s ideas, equipment affixes this thing is really like reading, not graduated as a rookie for a lifetime.

Item drop type

The things you type can be divided into 6 parts:

1. Currency

2, legendary equipment

3, can be a chance to stone white

4, can sell npc for c gold, oh, divided into 60-69, 70 + two piles

5, high-quality maps, the highest level of white, blue, gold, can stay, can be sold, washable affixes to do equipment, according to individual needs. There is a special kind of gold in it, all the attributes are useful (you can know what is useful), and the height of the object is high, so no matter how many values, it is the base of the mirror, worth the goods.

6, the rest of the equipment, either transition, or not.

The third point has been explained in the guide opportunity stone.

The fourth point is the synthesis formula of the game itself. This is not explained. If you don’t understand yourself, the most useful ones are three colors, three links, six holes, 60-69 sets, and 70+ sets. , 7 pollution skills stone + tickets, map + tickets.

Higher equipment list

The fifth point, I will list the higher equipment:

Dagger: ambush blade, 60, 40 burst, 1.6 speed, damage the base of the dagger.

Platinum wave blade, 64, 80 burst, 1.2 speed, the law of the skull base.  Buy Chaos Orbs

Aizma’s 匕 62, 40 blast, 1.4 speed, empire short 匕 66, 40 blast, 1.5 speed, magic spirit short 匕 68, 60 explosion, 1.2 speed, these basically do not have to look, there are a few best. Below I write a brief point.

One-handed sword: thief long knife 58, 1.65 speed, eternal sword 66, 1.6 speed

One-handed axe: Broken City Axe 59, 1.5 speed

One-handed hammer: Nightmare Hammer 66, 1.3 speed

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