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PoE Aristocratic career introduction


Aristocrats, omnipotent characters, and characters are required to save her from the upper level of the tower of the gods of any difficulty.

Because of the problem of talent, the nobility can play all types of BD, and the advantages of talented jewels are obvious, talents have the advantage, and more jewels with 4 attributes are prepared, which is a great improvement for the nobility.

Because all occupations are only different starting points, but the talent map is shared, and the skills are also. However, in the road of exile, the theoretical development is very free, but we must seize the problem of survival, have survived as the core to talent, and play your powerful brain hole, everything is possible. Buy Exalted Orbs

[Background introduction]

I was born into a noble family, and I am the youngest daughter. My life is full of Chinese clothes, songs and dances, and countless pursuers. My life may be like this. If it is not my own, I will think more clearly and learn faster. It is deeper and darker than normal people desire, and there is no limit to my life. My talent is different. Nothing can stop my footsteps, but for my parents, I am just a piece of jade, a sultry and enviable treasure, and a priceless city. All this is in non-opoulos, on the wedding night. The bed died, and I was exiled to Valklas, where people called Ghost Island, where I was reborn and no longer bound by family society. My life was only to answer a question. who am I?

[Aristocrat Summary]

The aristocrat is a very comprehensive hidden character, a versatile profession. Buy Chaos Orbs

Because the talent route and sublimation attributes are more complicated, it is more difficult to use the aristocrats to build the build reasonably, which is not suitable for newcomers to get started.

From the heat of the current version, because the characteristics of talent sublimation are not prominent, the current aristocratic builds are very few.

The characters are more beautiful and have certain development potential, which is suitable for players who have a deeper understanding of the game.

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