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PoE Details of attack types

ype of attack

We can watch the skill “tag” written on the skill gems to determine the attack type of this skill. Generally there are the following settings


This type of skill is primarily affected by physical damage, elemental damage, crit, hits, and attack speed values above the weapon.

Attacks with hit, dodge, and block decisions

Another set of melee and projectiles


This type of skill is not affected by physical damage, elemental damage, crit, hit, and attack speed values above the weapon, but can be enhanced through weapon-attached spells or the global “affix” ability, such as: spell damage%, cast Speed%, Global Crit%, etc…

Spell damage is not affected by the hit, dodge, and block determination. The spell is a 100% hit skill in general. Only the specific Spell Dodge value will affect the spell hit rate. Only the Spell Block value is Can block spells

When the player is cursed by silence, you can’t use the spell.

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This is a special attribute. It is not an attack or a spell. For example: body blasting


Close combat skill is one of the attack skills

Only attacking skills with melee affixes can enjoy the effects of talents on melee talent points.

An attacking skill with melee affixes can use an auxiliary gem with a melee affix

Dual holders

Dual wield is a state of melee attack, because there are a number of special additions.

Dual definition is basically defined as “right and left hands each holding a one-handed weapon.”

Increases 10% attack speed, 20% physical attack damage, and 15% dual-player chance when dual-tenancy.

Some legendary items will treat a single weapon as dual wielding. Of course, they can also enjoy the effect of dual wielding. Exalted Orbs Buy


Bowing skills must be bowed before they can be used

If the player wants to use totems or traps to tie the bow skill, he must also have a bow in order to use this skill.


Attacks and spells have projectiles

Different skills for projectiles have different range settings

Increasing the speed of the projectile increases the range of the projectile


Summon can enjoy the halo effect

The ability to add a summoner to a suffix that specifically targets the summoned item

The summoner basically has the same item rarity and number of items dropped as the player.

The summoner can help the player to charge the potion when killing the enemy.

Summoner can collect the ball


Not a summoner

Totem blood will return to zero and will die, but will not leave the body

The totem is a medium of attack. The attack and spell intensity cast by the player through the totem is mainly affected by the player’s own effect. When the player has various auxiliary states and ball-collecting states, the totem display skills are also enhanced by these effects. However, the totem itself cannot obtain three-colored balls through the use of skills because they have a zero ball limit.

When using a totem to cast weapons-restricted skills, you must equip the corresponding weapon. For example, you must hold a bow to summon the totem of the bow skill.

The number and range of totems can be enhanced by special affixes on talent and equipment.

When a totem is wounded, the totem is wounded and players are not harmed.

Landmines and traps

Does not belong to the caller

Land mines and traps have only 1 point of blood. They can’t be designated to attack, but they will be affected by range damage. When they haven’t been triggered, they will be destroyed if they are attacked by the range.

Ability to increase their setting speed and trigger range through effects in talent and equipment

The player’s default setting is 3 traps and 5 mines, which can be increased by talent.

Landmines and traps have their charge quantity and recharge time. When using the upper limit to zero, they must wait for their charge before they can throw and set.

When the local thunder and trap are rehabilitated, the landmine and the trap are counter-injured and the player will not be injured.


Mobile skills will also move the characters when they are cast.

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