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The Forgotten Masters of Valklas, Master System Raiders

Seven men and women, each one of whom is a master of their field, stood through their curse and through their weapons, resisting the tyranny of Dominus. Seven forgotten masters were sentenced to death and were banished in this corrupted land. The seven masters lived, studied, and thrived on the grounds of Valsela. Seven masters, they can train you if you choose to help them…

The Master is 8 npcs that the player randomly encounters in the map of the Exile. By talking to them, they will ask the player to help complete their specific task. In return for helping them, each master can offer different styles of “hideout” to the player, and as the level of the master increases, they can offer a wide variety of “enchantment” services. Each master is unique, they have their own specialties, each one specializes in a certain type of equipment, and each has a unique signature enchantment.

1.What is a master task? How to do it?

Ordinary tasks
Every master (except duelist Master Leo) may meet in the wild. When you meet them, they will think of you for help and provide you with an ordinary task. Each master has his or her own town and they only appear when you have visited these towns. And Chana will only appear in the alien map.

Daily task
The master who is asked to go to your home will provide you with a special daily task every day. The special thing about these daily tasks is that they can get 2.5 times the experience of master upgrades. Now the national service daily refresh time seems to be 8:00 in the morning, after refreshing, you can pick up a daily task for a new day.

Daily task team (rotation)
High-level masters offer a higher level of enchantment, so a quick upgrade master is an important daily activity. At present, it is the most effective means to upgrade the masters by sharing daily tasks among the team members. Since the master’s total number of portals is 6, the team cap is 6 people. The owner of the daily task gets 2.5 times the experience, and the other participants can get 100% master experience. Exalted Orbs

Which team needs to pay attention to:
– The level of the master is related to the difficulty of the master’s task, so the low level of joining the master’s high level team task is easy to die because the damage is too high.
– Can you participate in certain master tasks related to the player’s plot progress?
– Many masters’ tasks don’t require every player to directly participate. For example, the weapon master’s contest is only required for someone to complete.

2. the master is graded

– Each but not all can be up to 8 levels, but the points (prestige) required for each master upgrade are not the same, especially with Chana’s highest demand.
– Different levels of masters can unlock different content:
Level 2: Can Be Invited to Hide
Level 3: You can build a small hiding place for this master type, and up to 2 masters for small hiding places
Level 4: Begin selling master special items. Please refer to the introduction of each master below.
Level 5: Can build or upgrade this type of medium-sized hiding place, can accommodate 4 masters
Level 6: Master begins selling discounted currency
Level 7: Build or upgrade to a large hiding place that can accommodate 7 masters (all). The master can provide removal enchantment service.
Level 8: Masters can sell legendary items randomly, and each master’s unique enchantment appears.

Note: Duelist Master Leo can be invited to hide and not occupy a position.

Prestige and Hideout Decoration
The point of accumulating points for accomplishing the task can be used to upgrade the master, and can also be used as a currency to exchange ornaments for hiding. I like to have a “homemaker” decoration expert here. Chaos Orbs

3.  the significance of the master – Enchanting

The most important function of the master system is to enchant the equipment. The use of currency to enchant is completely a random combination, and the master enchantment provides a way to determine the outcome of the upgrade equipment, so regardless of the previous or late game, is the core content of the game. The item affix system itself is not discussed in the post. If you are interested, you can refer to other posts, such as the Ars God’s equipment affix identification basis ([].

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