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[Basics doubts]About vertigo and block

About vertigo and block

Stun chance (%) = Damage taken x200 / [Injured] [Maximum] Health
For example, when a player with an HP limit of 1000 receives 200 damage, the chance of being stunned is 200*200/1000=40(%).

— When the calculated chance of vertigo is lower than 20%, that is, when the single damage is less than 10% of the target’s maximum health, the stun chance will be ignored and it will not cause vertigo.

— When a single damage is above 50% of the target’s maximum health, it causes 100% stun.
(So ​​tmd knows why the game is so important to support blood! What must be linked to the maximum HP! Being ignited is the fault of HP’s sense of power! Even the speed of blood-sucking should be based on HP’s proportion!)

— If the system determines that you have been stunned, your movement will be interrupted and it will be temporarily hardened. The default time is 0.35 seconds.
Accelerating properties such as increased Block and Stun Recovery and increased Stun Duration on enemies can affect the length of hard time.
(Please note that accelerating recovery from dizziness and reducing dizziness time is not the same. When you have +100% speed up recovery properties for dizziness, your dizziness time will be 1/(1+100%)=50%. Instead of reducing to 0)

— For monsters, when calculating the chance of dizziness, the maximum health value used is the life value of a single player. It will not change because of the increase of players in the room.

— For a player who points to CI (blood becomes 1 talent), he will use the health value he would have if he did not point CI (but CI flow will not point to blood point nor wear Plus blood clothes, so this number is still very low).

— As long as you have shields on your body, you have an extra 50% chance to evade vertigo (consolation prize, ES build is not easy to faint if you are still halo).

— Some talents and equipment will provide the “Reduced Enemy Stun Threshold” attribute (I don’t know what the platform version is translated into). Its function is – when calculating the probability of vertigo, the maximum Health data will be reduced.
For example, if you attack a monster of 1000 blood with a hammer that reduces the dizzy threshold 25%, when calculating the chance of vertigo, the maximum health of the monster is counted as a 25% reduction, which is calculated as 750.

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— But when your attribute exceeds 75%, it will be decremented by the following formula:
75 + (Stun Threshold Reduction – 75) * 25 / (Stun Threshold Reduction -50 )
For example, when you have a 110% reduction in the stun threshold, the calculation is:
= 89.6 (%)
This means that in fact only the maximum health of the monster is reduced by 89.6% when calculating the chance of vertigo. Therefore, it is more than you think.

—When you block a “would have caused dizziness” attack, this attack will not cause harm, but you will make a block straight.

— So the talent and equipment to reduce the chance of vertigo will also reduce the chance of you making a block action. If you point the immunity of vertigo or equipped with immune stun, you will not make any block. action.

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