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PoE The exile of the road novice problem summary

Q: Why can’t the Roads Store store buy anything, the show needs a knowledge scroll to buy, I also have a knowledge scroll, why can’t I buy it?

A: At the time of purchase, we will have the option of using the bound currency if the shop is in the upper right corner. If you are sure to use it, put a tick, then you need to have a bundle of the corresponding bundle currency in order to purchase; if you do not use, please do not tick, so you need to have a corresponding non-bonded currency in your backpack. can be purchased.

Q: How can I trade with players in the exile?

A: Right-click on the target of the transaction, a menu will pop up, select the transaction. After selecting the transaction, the system will prompt to wait for the other party to confirm the transaction. After confirming the item, click Accept. Note: When you trade with the other party, you need to use your mouse to scan the other party’s trading items before accepting the transaction.

Q: The name of the equipment that was dropped on the road to exile was too small. How did the name of the equipment for the exile route drop?

A: The player needs to open the set point option (O key), then select the interface, find the item display filter, change the “default” to “none”, and it will be fine!

Q: What if the map of the exile suddenly goes dark?

A: The player triggered the final task in the second chapter of the game. When the player completes the task of Shadow Wars, the map will change back again.

Q: How does the TAB exhaled in the exile route move up and down?

A: After pressing the TAB to call out the big map, you can move our map by using the keypad up, down, left, and right.

Q: How to quickly check the level of equipment items on the exile road?

A: To view the item level, just hold down the ALT key to view it.

Q: How do I share my equipment to the chat bar?

A: Point the mouse pointer to the equipment that you want to share, press Ctrl+Alt, and then click the equipment to share the equipment into the chat box.

Q: How to reduce the grade of gems and how to restore high-grade gems to Grade 1?

A: Use a regret stone, together with high-grade gems, and sell them to the grocery store. In this way, the grocery store will return us a level 1 gem. If you want to reduce the original gem by one level, you only need to turn the regret stone into recast stone and sell it to the store together.

Q: How to get Cheap Orb, what is the use of Cheap Orb?

A: Cheap Orb, or C for short, usually means how much C is the meaning of chaotic stone when trading between players. 1 Cheap Orb is 1C. It can completely reset all properties of a yellow dress, and its number of affixes is 3-6. If you are not satisfied with the property of a yellow dress, then use Cheap Orb to reset it on the line. At present, in the national service game, only luck can be obtained through Daguai at this stage. On the other hand, Cheap Orb can be sold to grocers through recycling equipment. Players can sell a whole set of 60 or more yellow equipment to shops, and they can also get an unequal number of chaos stone.

The above is the answer to some of the questions that I have experienced for the recent novices. I hope to help everyone!

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