PoE What kind of currency is useful?

If the currency is only enough to brush the map, it must be based on the store recipe or transaction. When the land is opened, all the goods are smashed. The most important and most useful is the lowest level of identification. The identification scroll is the basis of all currency, and any item sold

POE currency system explanation

POE’s currency system I like very much, boldly abandoning the traditional gold coins, and designing a variety of consumption-type currencies, which undoubtedly greatly reduced the rate of currency depreciation. In general, this idea is refined from Diablo 2 (in fact, the whole POE is so…), POE currency is generally all kinds of orb, can be

PoE Aristocratic career introduction

[Introduction] Aristocrats, omnipotent characters, and characters are required to save her from the upper level of the tower of the gods of any difficulty. Because of the problem of talent, the nobility can play all types of BD, and the advantages of talented jewels are obvious, talents have the advantage, and more jewels with 4

PoE Details of attack types

ype of attack We can watch the skill “tag” written on the skill gems to determine the attack type of this skill. Generally there are the following settings attack This type of skill is primarily affected by physical damage, elemental damage, crit, hits, and attack speed values above the weapon. Attacks with hit, dodge, and

The Forgotten Masters of Valklas, Master System Raiders

Seven men and women, each one of whom is a master of their field, stood through their curse and through their weapons, resisting the tyranny of Dominus. Seven forgotten masters were sentenced to death and were banished in this corrupted land. The seven masters lived, studied, and thrived on the grounds of Valsela. Seven masters,

[Basics doubts] About element status

—1, Ignite —Critical damage critical hits the target, which is the most common situation. — A lot of things such as talent/equipment/auxiliary gem/fire anti-curse etc. will provide an additional chance to light, giving your fire damage a chance to ignite, even if it does not crit. In addition, skills such as Fire Arrows have a

[Basics doubts]About vertigo and block

About vertigo and block —formula: Stun chance (%) = Damage taken x200 / [Injured] [Maximum] Health For example, when a player with an HP limit of 1000 receives 200 damage, the chance of being stunned is 200*200/1000=40(%). — When the calculated chance of vertigo is lower than 20%, that is, when the single damage is

PoE The exile of the road novice problem summary

Q: Why can’t the Roads Store store buy anything, the show needs a knowledge scroll to buy, I also have a knowledge scroll, why can’t I buy it? A: At the time of purchase, we will have the option of using the bound currency if the shop is in the upper right corner. If you